Build an in-game native ad platform in weeks, not years

Kevel's ad serving APIs make it easy for brands to monetize their gaming platforms with server-side ad placements

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Build An In-Game Ad Server in Just Weeks | Kevel

"Kevel's APIs helped us build the fastest, most innovative ad product in our industry."

Director of Ad Engineering, Edmunds
in-game native ads

Quickly build an ad server for inserting ads into your gaming/VR platform

  • No UX changes, since you insert the ads in the backend
  • Target by device, context, location, and much more
  • Privacy-focused. No inadvertent data sharing
  • Fast response times - as low as 50ms
Quick MVP

Launch an in-game ad server in weeks. If it fails, iterate. You'll build exactly what you want in no time.

Very Fast Responses

JSON responses let you white-label Kevel and have super-fast response times (as low as 50ms).

Robust Reporting

Make it easy for advertisers to see the impact of their ad dollars.

Privacy Compliance

Kevel's tools are 100% GDPR/CCPA compliant by default - no need to worry about non-compliance.

Features Galore

Easily give advertisers the targeting features they've come to expect thanks to Google, Amazon, & Facebook.

Ad serving APIs and SDKs to bring your vision to life

Drive more revenue with an in-game ad server

There's a stack deck against ad monetization. You either play by the ad tech giants' rules or spend years building your own ad product. Enter Kevel. Use our tools to build an in-game ad platform in just weeks, so you can take back your revenue, data, and UX.

Discover what others have built with Kevel's ad APIs

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Kevel is a great partner, and we recommend them to anyone building a custom ad platform.
Chief Digital Officer, Bed Bath & Beyond