Header Bidding (HBIX) 2021 Tracker

The HBIX looks at the Top 10K US sites and is updated quarterly.

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What % of US sites do header bidding?

This looks at the Top 10K US Sites. A site is considered to do header bidding if it makes a call to one or more header bidding partners upon page load.

What % of US publishers do header bidding?

This looks at the sites in the Top 10K that show ads.

What adapters are header bidders using? (Top 10)

This looks just at sites doing header bidding and shows what % of those sites are pinging each vendor.

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Top bidders over time

This follows the top seven bidders and looks at what % of header bidders ping them.

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Header bidding adoption
Bucket Q3 Q4 % Change
US (Publishers Only) 67.7% 68.1% +0.4%
US (Top 10K sites) 17.6% 17.7% +0.6%

This breaks apart the data to see what percent of publishers (sites that show ads) use header bidding.

What codebase do client-side wrappers use?

A majority of all client-side wrappers are built on Prebid.