Kevel Product Updates: February 2021

Jane O'Hara
Jane O'Hara
Kevel Product Updates: February 2021

This month, we’re excited to announce three new features, including the beta launch of our new User-Specified Radius targeting — a popular search functionality for marketplaces.

User-Specified Radius shows promoted listings in proximity

Want to show promotions within your customers’ range or specified location? You can build it with Kevel’s new User-Specified Radius.

Example of Kevel's new user-specified radius targeting feature

Here’s how it works:

  • Contact us to get added to the private beta test.
  • Via the Kevel UI or Management API, add one or more locations to flights using Distance Targeting. Leave “Distance” blank.
  • In your ad decision request, include your customer’s location and the distance they specify as a radius parameter.

This feature is currently in a private beta. If you’re interested in joining, please contact your Account Manager or email!

Finer-grained filtering for sponsored listings with AdQuery

If you use Kevel for sponsored listings, and allow customers to filter the results they see, AdQuery will enable you to filter the ads returned by a decision request using the same criteria — resulting in more user-first ad experiences.

This feature allows you to specify the set of ads that should be considered when making a decision. A decision request can specify a set of criteria for ad selection based on the properties of a creative, as seen below.

Example of Kevel's new AdQuery feature

The ad sets that match those criteria are the input to the normal decision request process. The criteria can include exact matching of a text string, a value within a numeric range, or a value in a set of alternatives.

AdQuery supports the following operators:

  • eq
  • in
  • min/max

Previously, this kind of matching required complex use of keywords and custom targeting to implement, so we’re excited to simplify this matching process!

Reduce your ad volume with SkipFiltering

Want to make an ad decision request that ignores some targeting criteria on ads? You can now skip over geo-targeting, distance, or keyword filters when making an ad decision, so an ad flight can be used in multiple contexts.

For example, suppose you can have a flight configured with both geo-targeting and distance requirements. With SkipFiltering, you can make a request that focuses on geo-targeting — and that ignores distance requirements — on a request-by-request basis.

Example of Kevel's new SkipFiltering feature

Using SkipFiltering simplifies campaign configuration and reduces your ad volume. This feature will soon be extended to support skipping for all targeting criteria, which will also make it a valuable troubleshooting tool.

We look forward to rolling out more new releases and sharing our core product improvements to help you build and grow your custom ad platform!

Jane O'Hara
Jane O'Hara

Jane is the Senior Marketing Manager at Kevel. She enjoys discovering user-first ad platforms and articulating the value of Kevel's ad serving APIs.